The Payroll Office is responsible for processing Salary, Hourly and Daily Pay, and Supplement Wages for all employees, as approved by the Board of Education. Checks are issued twice 15th & 30th each month as detailed on the official Payroll Schedule.

All time sheets for extra duties are due in the Payroll Office two days following each pay date. Each time sheet MUST include: 1)total hours worked 2) employee signature 3) administrative approvals 4) account number to be charged 5) agenda item/date granting approval. Incomplete timesheets will be returned for additional information. Only original time sheets will be accepted. Please do not fax/email timesheets. All timesheets must be submitted for the time frame Payroll is being processed-please see Payroll Schedule to determine these dates.

RBOE is a 100% Direct Deposit organization with the option of a prepaid bank card.  Please be aware that the only time a live (paper) check will be issued is when/if an employee changes bank account; then due to payroll processing procedures it could take up to two payroll cycles for the new banking account to be implemented, in the interim a paper check will be issued. 

The Payroll & Benefits Office is a Confidential Office and thus any requests for information relating to any employee will be conducted with ONLY that employee unless stated in writing or legally required. 

Working with you & for you!

Pamela Pittman
Manager of Payroll & Benefits