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Welcome from our Superintendent, Dr. Kevin West

Season’s Greetings RPS Family!

Can you believe that it’s that time of the year already? As we look out of our windows, we see the onset of winter beginning to arrive.  We feel winter approaching as we step outside of our homes each morning. We quickly remember the challenges of last winter; and if you believe any of the forecasts for this winter, there is significant potential of a repeat performance. However, during this Holiday Season, we want to take this opportunity to express that we are thankful and grateful for all of the wonderful things that are occurring in the Roselle Public School District thus far during this 2014-2015 school year. I sincerely extend warm congratulations, appreciation, and thanks to all of our staff, students, parents, community partners, and Board members who have been working diligently helping transform our district vision/mission into reality.

As many of you may recall, we started this school year off extremely well with positive energy, vigor, enthusiasm, excitement, high expectations, and the believe that this will be our students’and our best school year ever! Well I’m pleased to report that many of us are still forging ahead with that same zest and commitment for the sake of our children.

Within the first four months of this school year, we have already added new science labs at Grace Wilday Junior High School; passed the NJDOE school safety audit with high marks; won the International Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting Award; renovated the inside of our weight training room located at our football field and added new weights and technology within that facility; our football team won the conference football championship for the first time since 1990; our Board President (Rev. Reginald W. Atkins) received the Inaugural Urban School Boards President Award by the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce for Outstanding Leadership; our head football coach (James Williams) was named “Coach of the Year” by the football conference committee; we  completed and opened a brand new fitness center at Leonard V. Moore Middle School;

Our Superintendent of Schools (Dr. Kevin R. West) was recognized as one of the top five Superintendents of the Year for 2014 in the Nation; we have effectively implemented the new teacher and principal evaluation tools;  we have enhanced our curriculum to ensure that it’s aligned to state, national, international standards and 21st century learning skills; we have implemented STEM Academies/Clubs and STEM initiatives in every one of our schools; the leaders of our school district and our borough are working collaboratively, collegially, and as unified partners on several new innovative initiatives; all of our students have taken benchmark and interim assessments so that we can monitor their growth/performance in a more meaningful and intentional manner; the suspension rate in all schools is down, the attendance rate in all schools is up, the high school graduation rate is up; our teachers and staff are receiving exceptional professional development training; and we continually strive to implement practices that will assist us in moving our school district from Good to Great.

Below are some of the other district initiatives that are already underway. There are also numerous other district initiatives that are scheduled to begin later during this school year, as well as a plethora of innovative initiatives and best practices occurring at each of our schools:

  • Major focus has been on rigorous PARCC  online assessments
  • Superintendent’s Family Outreach
  • Superintendent’s Honor Roll and Recognition Each Cycle
  • Superintendent’s Free Family Fun Days
  • Superintendent’s Backpack Food Program
  • Superintendent’s Multi-Cultural Connections
  • Superintendent’s Parent of the Month Recognitions
  • Superintendent’s “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” Mentoring Program
  • Security in Each of Our Schools
  • Facility and Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Consistent Experienced Leadership which helps with Continuity (No New Administrators)
  • Partnerships with Universities, Agencies, Organizations, Houses of Worship, and Individuals with Meaningful Resources for Our Schools/School District
  • New Jersey College Tours and Black College Tour
  • Virtual High School (Online Courses)
  • College/Career Readiness Training for High School Students
  • Male Mentoring Programs
  • Female Mentoring Programs
  • SAT and PSAT Prep
  • New Health and Wellness District Initiatives and Policy
  • Service Learning Initiatives at Each School and Districtwide Online Technology Training For Staff
  • Diversity Council Student Leadership Program (grades 4-12)

So as we prepare to say good bye to 2014 and welcome in the New Year, remember that during this special time of year, the joy of brightening other lives, bearing each other’s burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with kindness, love and care becomes for us the magic of the Holidays. Have a safe and joyous holiday and a Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do to prepare our students for college work and life!

Educationally Yours, 

Dr. Kevin R. West
Superintendent of Schools
"Under my leadership, the major focus for Roselle Public Schools is to improve student achievement and prepare
students for college, work, and life